PREMIUM Development is a building development and building construction company based in Thessaloniki.

Its founding motive is the development of buildings with unique architecture, in beautiful places, and with a sensitivity towards the environment and the people.

It is a second-generation company having inherited the culture and the passion for building construction. Its continuous presence over the past 25 years, both as an individual business and as joint-venture partnerships from the construction market, has created a solid underlayer of experience and a vast built project track-record.



The aim of PREMIUM is to offer the highest level of development of property assets. Its collaborators come from the elite of the construction market, a fact that allows a high-quality and refined result in terms of design, engineering and performance.

Our hope is to create local communities who will be aware of the environment and will enhance the well-being of the families and the future generation.



The selection and delivery of high-quality projects with minimal investment risk is the main intention of PREMIUM Development.

The name premium reflects the commitment to innovative architecture with high-end construction quality, and the delivery of long-term and successful choices for its clients.



PREMIUM operates with a strong commitment to three main goals:

– Projects that improve the quality of their surroundings.

– Buildings that create positive feelings to their occupants.

– A continuing effort to improve our personalised services, which are based on our clients’ unique needs and requirements.


Project Types

The main activity of PREMIUM is focused on multi-storey residential buildings, private houses and housing complexes, along with retail and workplace buildings. We also have experience in public projects in the sectors of infrastructure, energy and community buildings.



Our consistent approach in terms of the site selection, the design and construction in combination with a careful development of all the apartments, and our support even after the project handover, creates a state-of-the-art result in every aspect.